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for EEG Technologists

Program description:

The program contains five chapters with a complete review of the EEG basic principles and a few real EEG records to review the EEG reading skills. The instruction is delivered through a learning content management program with easy access via Internet

The program is focused on the basic technical principles of the EEG and the basic background components including normal and abnormal patterns. The format is an interactive webcast. Each session last between 30-45 minutes and is followed by a quiz and independent reading. Total estimated time is 2 hours for each chapter. Instructor’s feedback is available via email and online forums.

Learning objectives:

Chapter 1: Technical aspects:

•      Explain the source of EEG.

•      Recognize the EEG machine parts.

•      Define the principles of sensitivity, filters, time constant and calibration of the          machine.

Chapter 2: Basic principles

•     Discuss the rationale for use of montages.

•      Use bipolar and referential montages.

•      Define the concept of polarity.

•      Recognize localization rules.

•      Demonstrate how to troubleshoot for bad EEG recording.

 Chapter 3:  EEG background

•       Define a normal EEG background.

•       Recognize sleep stages.

•       Differentiate artifacts including eye movements.

•       Differentiate common benign EEG patterns.

Chapter 4: The abnormal EEG part 1 and part 2

•       Recognize abnormal EEG patterns.

•       Distinguish focal abnormalities.

•       Differentiate epileptiform discharges.

•       Categorize abnormal generalized abnormalities.

Chapter 5: EEG reading

•      Recognition, differentiation and categorization of technical aspects, normal background, artifacts, benign patterns, EEG abnormalities, through the reading of typical clinical EEGs. See a Demo (video shown at smaller scale).

Target audience:

 This program is designed for EEG Technicians.


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to: 

•      Define the basic principles of EEG.

•      Recognize and troubleshoot bad EEG recordings and contaminated records.

•      Define the normal EEG patterns.

•      Distinguish the abnormal EEG patterns.


This activity has no formal accreditation. Certificate of completion with 10 hours of continuing education and a detailed description of the objectives learned and grade obtained during the course. EEG Care does not provide ACCME or CME credits.

Program Director:

Juan G. Ochoa, MD is a board certified neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist with a fellowship in medical education.

Dr. Ochoa is the Director of the Neurology Residency Program at the University of South Alabama since 2009. He served for 15 years as the EEG Lab Director at the University of Florida Neuroscience Institute, and the UF Neurology Clerkship Director for 11 years. He has earned the Exemplary Teacher Award by the University of Florida several times and developed an online neurology curriculum for medical students. Dr Ochoa info

Registration Fees:

The registration fee includes unlimited access to the course; professional support for all EEG related issues, technical support, and EEG Care certification. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your registration and payment (no registration is confirmed without full payment).

Online registration requires a credit card payment. If you wish to pay by check or money order, you may download a printable registration form and mail or fax it in according to the instructions therein.

EEG Technicians: ( $449 )  $250.00

Credit card:


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Technical Requirements

Internet connection:
High Sped Internet: DSL or cable connection

Hardware requirements:
CPU: 750 MHz or better
RAM: 256MB

Software requirements: Operating System: Windows 98 or higher. Browser: IE 6.0 or higher, Firefox 1.0 or higher.

Screen Resolution:
For best results set your screen on 1024 x 768 pixels.



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